FX TD Demo Reel 2019: Breakdown

Breakdown List

01: Captain Marvel (ILM)
Photon Blasts
Dust & Debris
Glass and Wood Destruction

02: Aquaman (ILM)
Bubble Trail
Dust & Debris
Speed Trail & Distortion
Underwater Sun
Instanced Explosion

03: Pacific Rim Uprising (Dneg)
Plasma Blaster
Heat Haze & Speed Trail
Dust & Debris
Snow Weather & Interaction

04: Hobbs & Shaw (Dneg)
Glass Shatter
Dust & Debris

05: Power Rangers (Digital Domain Vancouver 3.0)
Road Destruction
Dust & Debris
Putty Golem’s Dust & Debris

06: Deadpool (Digital Domain Vancouver 3.0)
Falling Objects (RBD simulation)
Debris & Paper

07: X-Men Apocalypse (Digital Domain Vancouver 3.0)
Dust & Debris

Software – SideFX Houdini, The Foundry NUKE, The Foundry KATANA

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